Working Methodology Behind Air Duct Cleaning

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When it comes to air duct cleaning, experts rely on a specific methodology. Why is it necessary to clean air ducts? With this cleaning service, contaminants inside of ductwork get removed so that when air blows from the HVAC system into a home or business, it is clean. Not only does that improve indoor air quality, but it also reduces the amount of dust that accumulates on furniture, flooring, curtains, and so on.

The best air duct cleaning service in Toronto takes a systematic approach to what it does, thereby ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. Highly-trained technicians follow a specific process that includes virtually every component of an HVAC system, including the ductwork, filters, registers, plenums, air handlers, evaporator coils, and drain pan.

A Systematic Process

  • Inspection – Before cleaning, a technician will inspect the ducts leading to both the supply and return registers. For educational purposes but also to show customers just how well the service worked, the technician will often show home and business owners what the ducts looked like before and after the job. Also, this allows the technician to look for leaks, which if found, would need repair or replacement.
  • Negative Pressure – For pulling debris and dirt out of the ductwork, a technician uses a vacuum, whether portable or truck-mounted. However, before turning it on, a large hose going from that device to the duct located closest to the air handler gets connected. After covering all registers, the vacuum gets turned on, which creates negative pressure. As particles inside of the ductwork get blown or brushed loose, the collection device sucks them up.
  • Agitation – With the system under negative pressure, the technician cleans each duct at the register. Experts who work for highly-respected companies spend the appropriate amount of time on this process, knowing how critical it is to a positive outcome. They also rely on various power tools and equipment, including compressed air tools, rotating brushes, vacuums, and more.
  • Remaining System – As mentioned, along with the ductwork, the right company will address all components of an HVAC system. With a thorough cleaning, indoor air quality improves dramatically.

Your Most Trusted Source

As a premier provider of duct cleaning services, City Duct Cleaning is your most trusted source. For information about our company and the full scope of services that we offer for home and business owners, we invite you to visit our website or call to speak with a company representative.

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