Will Cleaning My Air Ducts Solve My No-Cooling Problem?

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During the hot weather or “air conditioning season” as we call it, we often get enquiries related to problems such as not enough cooling. Sometimes the problem is throughout the entire home but usually the problem is that there is just not enough cooling getting to the top floor.

The most common question we hear is, will cleaning my air ducts solve this problem? Call any number of air duct cleaning companies and most people will tell you that it definitely will. But the truth is that cleaning your air duct system for this reason only is kind of hit-or-miss. It may solve the problem or it may not. Before you decide to have your ducts cleaned for this reason, check your air filter. If that’s all the problem is, then you can fix that yourself. A dirty air filter can quite easily reduce the airflow to the point that you get little or no cooling, or no heating in the winter.

It is always a good idea to clean your ducts every few years anyway, whether you are currently experiencing any problem or not, but cleaning your duct system because of poor cooling only is not necessarily the only answer.

We have cleaned many air duct systems for people who were experiencing some kind of airflow problems in their homes, and as far as solving airflow problems, we have an almost 100% success rate. But that’s only because we first explained that for one, we cannot guarantee that this will solve the problem completely, but there are also several things that we can check and adjust while we are there doing the job. Our customers truly appreciate our honesty and hire us because of it.

And since we also provide air balancing services as well, we can easily tell you how and what to check for yourself, before you do schedule any service. Call us if you have any questions about the performance of your duct system, or lack of cooling. We’re truly here to help you out.

We’ve been in business for well over 20 years now, and we’re here for the long haul. We don’t mind explaining a few things over the phone and saving you time and money, even though sometimes the homeowner solves the problem themselves because of our help and then learns that for the moment they do not require our services. If we can help you out with a simple telephone conversation, then we know who you’ll call first when you do need our services.

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