Why So Cold In Here?

Why so cold

What are some common factors for it being cold in the house? It could be lots of things, such as poor insulation, old windows, bad air flow…

As Mrs. Angela Sheridan of Toronto, Ontario writes:

‘My husband and I were having a problem in our daughter’s room with it being very cold at night. We would turn up the furnace to no avail as it was still very cold. On the other hand, the rest of the house was quite comfortable.

We called a local heating/cooling company to come service the furnace and we were told that the furnace was old and we should replace it and that would solve our problem. It sounded quite costly and we were still wondering if that would solve the problem in our little girl’s room. The windows were old but still, they did not seem to be the problem. We called an air duct cleaning company and within hours they were at our house with a large vacuum truck and video equipment.

I was amazed that one of the technicians on the job was John, one of the owners of the duct cleaning company. He turned up the thermostat then went to our daughter’s room and felt little air flow as compared to the rest of the house. He put a video camera into the bedroom duct and showed me the problem. We did not need new windows or a new furnace, we needed a good duct cleaning so he could remove the running shoe that was stuck in the duct pipe in our daughters room!

After a whole house duct cleaning I could not believe my eyes at all of the debris they took out of the ducts, it was truly amazing and the air flow is now great.’

So before you replace a furnace, etc… it does pay to have the air ducts cleaned or video scoped as opposed to spending countless dollars on needless work.

Duct cleaning will not solve every problem, but it is a general maintenance item and is a wise investment in your family’s health.

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