Why Dryer Vents Need Frequent Cleanings

Dryer vents

Sadly, thousands of people every year discover too late the importance of hiring a professional company for dryer vent cleaning in Toronto. Often, even homeowners who maintain a meticulous house, have no clue about the inconveniences, pricy repairs, and even danger associated with dirty dryer duct vents. For the sake of your residence but even more importantly, human life, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible for dryer vent cleaning.

Warning Signs of Dirty Dryer Duct Vents

For anyone who doesn’t think it’s necessary to hire a professional company for dryer vent cleaning in Toronto, read the facts listed below.

  • Long Cycles – Over time, dryer vents become so clogged with lint and other debris that the appliance takes a long time to dry even the smallest load. In fact, you could turn your dryer on two or three times to complete what one cycle should do. Because your dryer has to work overtime to perform its job, it experiences a lot of wear and tear. Unless you follow a proper maintenance schedule for having dirty dryer duct vents cleaned, the life of your appliance could decrease by as much as 50 percent.
  • Hot to the Touch – Clogged vents can also make your dryer hot to the touch. With no way for the air to ventilate properly, this creates several risks. Along with possibly burning a small child, your appliance uses considerably more energy, which in turn, increases the monthly utility bill.
  • Burning Odor – If you notice a burning smell, it’s imperative that you hire a company for dryer vent cleaning in Toronto as quickly as possible. When this happens, it indicates a significant buildup of lint. If the dryer becomes too hot, that lint could catch fire. Remember, while emptying the lint trap is important, it’s even more critical to have dirty dryer duct vents cleaned.
  • Telltale Signs – You may not realize it, but any signs of lint and other debris around the outside vent opening or the dryer hose is another indicator that dryer duct vents need cleaning.
  • Maintenance Schedule – If you haven’t had your dryer vents cleaned in the past 12 months, contact a reputable company right away. Keeping to a schedule is extremely important for the reasons mentioned and more.

Potential Dangers

As you can see, there are several potential dangers that go hand in hand with dirty dryer duct vents, the most frightening, a fire. For the protection of your home and family, contact us at City Duct Cleaning today. Even in exchange for affordable pricing, our experienced technicians perform stellar work.

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