When is the right time for a duct cleaning?

when is the right time for a duct cleaning

Is it the now? Next year? It all depends on your situation.  Some companies will tell you that it should be done yearly, but that is only true in extreme cases. If you had your ducts cleaned properly, then you should normally wait about 3 to 4 years before your next cleaning.

If you are moving into a newly constructed or newly renovated home, duct cleaning should be on your list. Drywall dust, fibreglass pieces, sawdust and other construction debris can easily restrict air flow.

Households with hairy pets or young children may find it necessary to inspect their return air ducts more frequently. Pet hair and pet dander, toys, food items and even fecal matter seem to find their way into the air ducts. If you have pets or children, you may want to plan on more frequent duct cleaning.

Are you expecting? Do you have a newborn? Small kids? Take into consideration the love and care we have for our children. We make sure they eat the proper foods. We keep them away from cigarette smoke, etc. At such an early stage in their lives everything is so fragile, especially their lungs. So why would we expose them to something most harmful in their day to day environment? Dirty air!!!

Have your ducts cleaned and sanitized, that way at home every day they are breathing clean air. You can even go one step further by installing a whole house hepa air filtration system. We as parents cannot control the environment everywhere BUT we can certainly control the environment where we live!!!

There are exceptions to every rule. So if you have a newborn or a young child, there is nothing wrong with cleaning your ducts more often. And always be sure to clean or replace your furnace air filter monthly.

If any of the situations listed above have helped you determine you might be ready for duct cleaning, please contact us and schedule a duct cleaning appointment at your convenience.

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