What’s that smell?

Dead mouse in hvac system

People often call us not only because their air ducts are dirty, but because when their HVAC system comes on, a horrible smell emanates throughout the house.

What’s that smell, is the question. Alot of times a mouse or little Suzie’s pet gerbil finds its way into the duct system creating havoc for itself and eventually the unsuspecting homeowner. It finds its way in, but unfortunately, it cannot find its way out, and succumbs to the darkness of the ducts.

It may take a few days for you to notice, but eventually the rodent starts to decompose and that’s when the foul smell starts pouring out your registers and into the house.

It is virtually impossible for the homeowner to correct this problem, and that’s where we come in. A quick scan of the duct’s interior will tell us where the problem is and in no time the rodent is removed and your ducts are disinfected and sanitized. Problem solved, except for breaking the sad news to little ‘Suzie’ about what happened to her pet.

On another note, one customer told us that she heard their pet mouse scratching somewhere down by the furnace fan. So she called a random heating company from the yellow pages and they told her that there was no way that part could be removed from the furnace. And so her mouse died. And started to reek pretty bad whenever the furnace came on, and that’s when she called us.

She was pretty surprised when we pulled the fan out of her furnace in about 30 seconds. So that just shows you… it never hurts to get a second opinion. We found her dead pet mouse and removed it, did an amazing job on cleaning her ductwork and then we deodorized the duct system and washed the fan and of course, this customer was happy with our excellent work. Its just too bad that she didn’t call us first, while whatever his name was still alive.

The procedure for dealing with a dead animal in your duct is as follows:

First, locate and remove the cause of the odor (dead animal). Wash the area by hand with a scrub brush or a scrub pad and wipe dry. In many cases, the duct will have to be deodorized. We use an exclusive encapsulating solution that is installed with compressed air and a siphon gun. What this does is coat the entire inside of the duct system, and then it becomes the new surface inside the duct once it dries. The results are immediate and permanent. We totally got this! We’ve been using this same product with amazing results for 30 years!

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