What is so GREAT about an electrostatic air filter?

Eelectrostatic air filters
  • Permanent – This filter is designed to last a lifetime. You should never have to replace it.
  • High Efficiency – Designed to “eat” 95% of the dust and debris in your system.
  • Washable – Easy to maintain. Wash or vacuum. Feel free to put this filter in your dishwasher to clean it. It can be cleaned 100’s of times without damaging any of the media inside.
  • Resistance – Your HVAC system is able to draw air through this filter much easier than a disposable filter.
  • Cost –This filter will easily pay for itself over and over. It will save you time and money. Never buy another filter.
  • Sizes – They come in all standard sizes and can be custom made as well.

There are all types of air filters, and they have a huge range in both price and efficiency.

If you want the absolute best air filtration system you can have, then that would be an electronic air cleaner combined with a whole house HEPA system. And if you also add in an Ultra Violet light to the system too, then that’s killing it! There’s the best combination you can get right there!

I personally have that system minus the UV light but the wife is quite happy with that, and that’s all that matters, I guess. I’m not allergic or sensitive to dust anyway… I am an air duct cleaner so I am immune.

The best air filtration systems still need to be kept clean in order to do their jobs at peak efficiency.

The HEPA filter runs all the time, and that thing really pulls out alot of invisible dust from the air. You can see it on the prefilter when you open the case of the air cleaner.

The electronic air cleaner does a really nice job of keeping the furnace, the furnace blower and the air conditioning coil clean. But it also needs to be cleaned every once in a while too. The HEPA has obviously been helping to keep the prefilters of the electronic air cleaner clean, so that means I have to actually clean my cells less often. This is a good thing. I certainly don’t mind taking care of this for other people but it sure seems like such a chore when I have to do it at my own house.

This is why many people abandon their electronic air cleaner. I go into so many houses and see the electronic air cleaner cells sitting beside the furnace. What they’ve done is replaced the cells with either a 4″ disposable filter or with an electrostatic air cleaner. It is way easier and faster to clean one of those than it is to take care of the bulky cells.

An electro static air cleaner costs about $100 and is a permanent filter. It fits into a standard 1″ filter rack and comes in all standard sizes. It can also be sized to your furnace. If you ever move you can take it with you, if you remember.

Some Electrostatic air cleaners claim to remove up to 95% of the dust in the air but with my experience in the field I would say that is not true. 35% – 40% would be a much more accurate number. There are ways to manipulate the numbers, and here’s an example… let’s say an air filter is so full of dirt that almost no air can pass through it any more. All of a sudden, that means the filter is way more efficient at cleaning the air. You would definitely not put it back in your furnace in this condition but that just goes to show one way to play with the numbers.

The electro static filter is still much more efficient than a regular disposable one. To clean it you can either vacuum it or take it outside and hose it off using your garden hose and a strong spray. Just watch the air flow arrow on it though… if the air is meant to flow one way, start spraying it from the other side. That way you will not be pushing the dirt deeper into the filter.

If you would like to try out an electro static air filter, call our office for more details. We also have a service plan available where we will come to your home or office once every three months and replace your filter with a new one. This also gives us the opportunity to do a quick check on your furnace and advise you of any potential problems. Our customers who use this service find it quite valuable.

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