What Is Good Indoor Air Quality?

What is good air quality

Good indoor air is characterized by the absence of contaminants of any kind, whether biological or chemical, in gaseous or particulate form. It should have no odour — though it is important to note that the reverse is not true — absence of an odour does not mean absence of contaminants. It should have no irritating or adverse health effect on occupants. It should have the right temperature and relative humdity for health and comfort of the occupants.

In 1979, the World Health Organization convened experts who recommended that guidelines be drawn up to protect the health of the occupants of homes.

City Duct Cleaning has over two decades of experience in this field including research on house performance, new house construction, renovations and mechanical systems. Members of our staff have also participated in numerous Indoor Air conferences.

There are a number of ways to improve your indoor air quality, and you can trust the experts at City Duct Cleaning Inc. for honest advice. We will always give you straight answers and we will never provide biased information based only on commercial interests.

Air duct cleaning in Toronto is our specialty of course, but there are also a number of clean air products available on the market. Some of them are really quite good, however, there are some products that we do not believe in ourselves for, practical reasons.

If you want straight answers regarding your indoor air quality concerns, talk to the experts at City Duct Cleaning.

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