Top Three Reasons For IAQ Improvement

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Here are the top three reasons why people are generally interested in improving the indoor air quality in their homes:

  1. Prevention
    While no known health problem has yet been directly linked to the home, there are young children in the family. Hearing about serious cases of contamination from friends or family is a common motivational factor for improving the indoor air.
  2. A known problem
    Someone in the family has been diagnosed and/or may be suffering from allergies or asthma. There is a concern that the air quality in the house may be a factor.
  3. A serious health problem is identified
    One or more occupants may be environmentally hypersensitive. For these people, improving the indoor environment is critical to their health.

Besides having your air duct system professionally cleaned and sanitized, there are a number of additional options available that can help to greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home. Upgrading your air filter, installing ultra violet lights or introducing fresh air into the structure are three of the most-considered options.

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