Top Signs That Your Home Needs Duct Cleaning in Toronto

Duct Cleaning in Toronto

As a homeowner, you might ask the question, “Is air duct cleaning necessary?” The answer is yes. You know that duct cleaning in Toronto is essential, but you may have no idea whether that is something you need to have done now or later. To make a decision, start by paying attention to several telltale signs that would indicate that you need professional help right away.

Signs to Look For

If you notice any of the signs listed, then you need a professional duct cleaning service in Toronto.

  • A small wisp of dust coming from an air duct every time your air conditioning or heating system kicks on
  • Trapped dust or debris on the inside of the vents
  • Excessive dust settled on furniture and other hard surfaces
  • Dust on the outside of the return air registers, especially a fuzzy or thick coating
  • Collected dust on various components of your HVAC system, including surfaces, blower fan, coils, motor, or vents
  • Clogged air filter after recently replacing it

Consequences of Dirty Ductwork

Going back to your question, “is air duct cleaning necessary,” consider the consequences of not seeking professional help. A buildup of dust and dirt prevents your HVAC system from performing optimally. As a result, the interior of your home never feels warm or cool enough. As the system works to keep the interior comfortable, it turns on more often or operates for longer periods of time.

Restricted airflow is another problem. Even if your HVAC system runs okay, dirt and debris can prevent the motor or fan from turning. That means the system cannot efficiently circulate air. Again, your HVAC runs longer and uses more energy this way. Both the buildup of dirt and issues with airflow create the risk of component failure along with an increased cost of heating and cooling.

Something else to consider is that the ductwork often contains more than just dirt and dust. Included are things like pet dander, fungi, rodent feces, pollen, dead skin, and microorganisms. Without getting the ducts clean, they become a breeding ground for mites, bacteria, and other pollutants. Also, as the HVAC system forces air through dirty ductwork, contaminants become airborne. If inhaled, they pose a risk of causing various health problems.

The Best Duct Cleaning Service

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