The Technical Side To Cleaning A Dryer Vent

Magnehelic Gauge 1

A magnehelic pressure gauge is a device, similar to a manometer, that is used to measure positive, negative, and differential pressures.

Just as a magnehelic gauge can give your HVAC technician a wealth of information about the operation of your furnace and duct system, it can also provide your duct cleaning technician with valuable information about your dryer exhaust vent too.

The magnehelic gauge can be used to quantify how blocked (or inefficient) a dryer is operating prior to cleaning the dryer vent. After cleaning, the gauge will tell you exactly how much more efficiently the dryer is venting. Technically speaking, dryer manufacturers say to have the dryer vent cleaned if the back pressure readings are greater than 0.6 – 0.75 inches of water column (wci), as indicated on the gauge itself.

The magnehelic gauge measures duct static pressure, which is the pressure the blower produces in the exhaust conduit. In this industry, back pressure is a result of one or more of these conditions: long duct runs, excessive elbows, squished transition hoses, lint buildup, bird nests, rodent nests, and termination hoods that are blocked or feature an inefficient design.

As you can see, cleaning a dryer exhaust duct can be narrowed down to a pretty exact science. Contact City Duct Cleaning today to schedule your dryer exhaust vent cleaning/inspection.

Here you can know about how often your home needs dryer duct cleaning.

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