The Air Our Children Breathe Is Literally Killing Them

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The air our children breathe might not be as clean as we once thought.

Each year, nearly 600,000 children die from diseases caused by air pollution, and even more children live in areas where the risks of developing such diseases are incredibly high. According to a new report from UNICEF, 300 million kids around the world are breathing in toxic air every day.

This constant contact with air pollution is especially dangerous for children because their bodies are still developing. Toxic particles found in the air can make their way through the bloodstream and cause cardiac disease, asthma, pneumonia, or even heart failure.

The United Nations is actively working toward reducing the number of deaths caused by air pollution by limiting fossil fuel emissions and ensuring that children receive the healthcare that they need. But the issue of air pollution is not something that can be solved overnight.

Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality should also be of concern as recent studies have proven that indoor air quality is generally worse than outside air quality.

Sometimes the effects on indoor air quality can be sufficient to cause people to experience significant discomfort, and in extreme cases to become physically ill.

There are several ways that you can improve the indoor air quality in your home or workplace.

Professional duct cleaning and upgrading your air filtration systems are usually the first steps to be taken in the process. If these items are done properly, it is possible to notice amazing results. These items can completely solve your indoor air quality concerns most of the time.

There are exceptions and possible next steps. Adding HEPA air filters to your living space can make an immediate and very noticeable improvement to the air that you and your family breathe every day.

How the air duct cleaning job is done is crucial. Do not shop for this service based on price alone. The cheaper companies often do not have the proper tools or technique to do the job correctly, nor will they spend the required time on site to do a thorough job.

How To Tell When You Need Duct Cleaning

If you see dust on your furniture or experience things like moldy odors, dirty air filters, clogged cooling coils, musty closets, smoky rooms and dirty vents, these are all signs that your ducts need cleaning.

Read more about this in our post titled: How To Tell When You Need Duct Cleaning.

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