How To Tell When You Need Duct Cleaning

If you see dust on your furniture or experience things like moldy odors, dirty air filters, clogged cooling coils, musty closets, smoky rooms and dirty vents, these are all signs that your ducts need cleaning. It is also recommended that you improve your air filtration system, and the best time to take care of that is just after your air ducts have been properly cleaned. Anyone moving into a newly constructed home, who owns a home more than five years old and/or owns a home with children or pets should have their ducts cleaned. People with allergies should also have...Read More

How Can I perform an Air Quality Test?

This helpful guide should help determine if indoor air quality testing is really needed. There are many things that may cause you to become concerned about your indoor air quality (IAQ). Most people take IAQ for granted most of the time, until something noticeable happens. Common problems of poor IAQ can include: Too much dust in the air Too much moisture Not enough fresh air Mold Bacteria Radon Sewer gases CO, CO2 Chemical off gassing (VOC) These problems may cause symptoms such as: Repeated headaches Breathing difficulties, asthma, or respiratory infections Excessive coughing or the feeling of not getting enough...Read More

Top Three Reasons For IAQ Improvement

Here are the top three reasons why people are generally interested in improving the indoor air quality in their homes: Prevention While no known health problem has yet been directly linked to the home, there are young children in the family. Hearing about serious cases of contamination from friends or family is a common motivational factor for improving the indoor air. A known problem Someone in the family has been diagnosed and/or may be suffering from allergies or asthma. There is a concern that the air quality in the house may be a factor. A serious health problem is identified...Read More

Duct Cleaning Tools – The Predator Whip

Whether we're cleaning air duct systems in a home or a commercial building, We've always got several duct cleaning tools at our disposal. Which ones we do use depends on the specific job. You've likely heard of a skipper ball or an air snake, and this is a common air tool that we always use in every case. But there are several kinds of skipper balls too... spinning ones, forward-blowing balls and reverse-blowing skipper balls. These should be common tools for most air duct cleaners. Besides the skipper balls, there are also scorpion and predator air whips available as well....Read More

Breaking The Sickness Cycle With Cleaner Air

The chances of catching a cold or other sickness from someone else in your home has never been greater. The reason is today's homes have improved air sealing. While this is good from an energy conservation standpoint, the decrease in natural ventilation means contagions stay in the air longer, allowing them to spread. A thorough air duct cleaning that includes the cleaning of your furnace fan and coil, combined with the installation of a high efficiency whole house air cleaning system (HEPA Air Cleaner) can greatly reduce the chances of getting sick by removing airborne contagions like bacteria and viruses....Read More