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How to Maintain Your Electronic Air Cleaner

Electronic air cleaners are very common in the Toronto area. These units produce up to 15,000 volts of electicity to "zap" any dust particles that pass through the cells, and it is quite common to hear an arcing sound for a second or two any time the air cleaner "zaps" another dust particle. These units normally come in sets of two cells, and have two prefilters as well. Electronic air cleaners need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and the frequency of cleaning is slightly different for each house.The rule of thumb is that you should remove and clean both...Read More

Keep Your HVAC System Germ-Free Easily

Years ago, the HVAC industry addressed a huge problem concerning mold growth that was due to the very common drum-type humidifiers that most people already had installed on their furnaces. With water constantly sitting in the water tray, it provided a very high source of mold growth.The answer brought about the introduction of the flow-through type humidifier, which uses only enough water to humidify your home, and any water not used by the process is drained away. These types of humidifiers are now very common. The replacement of drum-type humidifiers with a flow-through model is crucial to improving indoor air...Read More