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Duct Cleaning Service in Toronto

Why Is a Duct Cleaning Service in Toronto Important After a Renovation or Construction?

Although people hire duct cleaning companies for a variety of reasons, this service is imperative following a renovation or construction. Regardless if you had your home renovated, a new home built, or construction performed on an existing home, you should hire a company known for the best duct cleaning in Toronto. The duct cleaning specialists will first assess your ductwork and then determine the best course of action.

Many people in your situation feel that everything is clean because the workers swept and vacuumed the home following the renovation or construction. In reality, small unseen particles are left behind within the ductwork, including chemicals, dust, and debris. Even for a small renovation or construction job, dust becomes trapped inside of your home’s ductwork, so you can only imagine how dirty the ducts are after a big job.

Think about all of the work performed, such as cutting wood, plastering walls, painting, stuccoing, laying new floors, putting in countertops, and more. All of these things create dust and debris that result in contaminated airflow if left uncleaned. With duct cleaning, your home will smell cleaner and fresher, you will not have to deal with accumulated dust on furniture, and the air quality improves, which is essential for anyone with allergies or upper respiratory problems.

Although scientists have yet to prove that clean ductwork makes a home healthier, it certainly makes sense that it would. With the ducts cleaned, there are no airborne contaminants for people to inhale. Many individuals who struggle with asthma, COPD, allergies, and other similar health problems claim they feel better after having the air ducts cleaned. If nothing else, clean ducts are a good precautionary step to avoid potential health issues.

Something else to consider is that once a renovation or construction project is complete, dust and debris inside of the ductwork causes restricted airflow. Because of this, your HVAC system works harder and runs longer. With your home’s air conditioning or heating system working overtime, you would spend more each month on utility bills. In addition, this could lead to premature failure of the system. Therefore, having clean air ducts can save you significant money.

At City Duct Cleaning, we take pride in performing high-quality assessments and performing stellar work. Regardless if you had renovation or construction work done in your home, give us a call. You can also visit our website to learn about our company and the services that we provide.

Duct Cleaning Toronto

Fascinating Facts Behind Duct Cleaning That You Should Know

When it comes to duct cleaning in Toronto, most people think they know just about everything. However, only after delving into the facts do they realize that residential and commercial duct cleaning in Toronto is quite fascinating.

Interesting Facts

Here are some of the more interesting facts about duct cleaning in Toronto.

  • With an increase in high-efficiency windows and doors, as well as improved insulation, indoor air quality is actually on the decline. Although all of these design elements are great for reducing energy consumption and saving money, they cause a reduction in the amount of air transfer going between the inside and outside. Because most of these elements do not have additional ventilation, pollutants that get inside a home or business stay there.
  • Residential and commercial duct cleaning in Toronto help improve indoor air quality by eliminating contaminants like pet dander, dust, dirt, chemicals, molds, microbes, and fungi within the ductwork system.
  • On average, a heating and air conditioning system recirculates indoor air up to seven times a day. This has a huge impact on the amount and even type of contaminants that become trapped inside of ducts. Using a trusted duct cleaning service for regular maintenance prevents a buildup of contaminants.
  • There are two methods of duct cleaning services. First, a special system connects into the ductwork to provide suction. As a high-pressure hose passes through, particles are removed. Second, a specialized vacuum that attaches to a hose and brushing system is passed through the ductwork. To be effective, both of these systems should be operated by an expert.
  • Professional services should include cleaning of the heating or/or air conditioning pump as well as the coils inside of the HVAC system. To eliminate mold, dust mites, or bacteria left behind after cleaning is done, the expert should use a disinfectant fog.
  • Depending on the size of the home or business, along with the type and level of contaminants, it takes between three and five hours to complete a thorough cleaning. If the heating or air conditioning system is located on the roof, more time is required.
  • As for duct cleaning price, this is typically based on square footage, as well as the number of systems, levels, and registers involved. Because prices vary, it is important to have duct cleaning in Toronto performed by a reputable company.

City Duct Cleaning has been providing customers with superior services for years. We stand behind our services for duct cleaning in Toronto, whether residential or commercial. To learn more, please visit our website or call us directly to schedule an appointment.