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Warning Signs That Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged

To begin, it’s important to point out that a dryer vent isn’t the same as the lint trap. The latter is something you would clean following every dry cycle. In comparison, you need to hire a company for the vent. With a dryer vent cleaning service, a qualified technician will remove any clogs.

Before going into the signs of having a clogged vent, note that this is the leading cause of house fires. As debris becomes hot, it can ignite. So, at least once a year, you should schedule a professional dryer duct cleaning.

How to Tell if You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning for Your Toronto Home

Extended Dryer Times

If your dryer works perfectly fine, it should completely dry a load of laundry for the time you select. So, a load of towels set for 45 minutes should come out dry. However, if you need to frequently add more time, consider that a warning sign.

In this case, a clog in the vent doesn’t allow for proper airflow. As a result, trapped air inside of the dryer leaves the laundry hot and moist but not dry. Simply use a dryer vent cleaning service to remove the clog.

Hot to the Touch

At no time should a dryer feel hot to the touch. If you experience this, contact a reputable source for dryer duct cleaning right away. This happens when a dryer has to work overtime to dry the laundry.

Normally, a dryer exhausts moisture and heat during a drying cycle. If a clog exists, both moisture and heat remain inside. That means excessive heat builds up inside. When that happens, a dryer will overheat and become hot to the touch.

Even more alarming, the excessive heat could start a fire. This is a prime example of why you never want to leave the house with the dryer running.

The Smell of Something Burning

This is never good for any appliance, especially a dryer. As stated, without the ability to release moisture and heat to the outside, a dryer becomes incredibly hot. The burning smell comes from overheated debris trapped inside the duct vent. This is a telltale sign that you need dryer vent cleaning from a respected Toronto source.

More Lint than Usual

Along with heat and moisture, some degree of lint escapes through the dryer vent. So, if you notice more lint in the trap than usual, pay attention. That indicates there’s something inside of the vent preventing a portion of the lint from passing through. Use this as a sign that you need dryer duct cleaning.

Allow Us to Help

City Duct Cleaning, Inc specializes in cleaning dryer vents and more. Whether you’ve noticed any of these warning signs or it’s time for scheduled maintenance, give us a call. We guarantee you’ll have a positive experience with our dryer vent cleaning service.

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Let Your Dryer Vent Just Dry Your Clothes

Every dryer has two types of vents. First, the lint trap collects tiny fibres and other particles during the drying cycle. This is what you need to empty after doing a load of laundry. Second, the dryer vent goes to the outside to release hot air and moisture. However, it can become clogged. That’s why it’s important to hire a reputable company for dryer duct cleaning at least once a year.

Now, if you suspect that something’s wrong or you experience any warning signs such as a burning smell or the dryer taking longer than usual to get clothes dry, don’t wait. Instead, have a tech come to your house before using the dryer again.

While the job of the dryer vent is to release moisture and heat to the outside, sometimes loose fibres and other debris end up going through it. If there’s any moisture inside, those things can quickly accumulate to the point of clogging the entire vent.

The Top Benefit of Dryer Duct Cleaning

Many people don’t realize that a clogged dryer vent is the number one cause of house fires. Sadly, this has led to thousands upon thousands of homes burning to the ground, as well as people sustaining serious injuries and even death. The simple act of getting a firm for dryer duct cleaning in Toronto can completely change the outcome.

If you use your clothes dryer without ever cleaning the vents, this appliance can become a ticking time bomb. This is especially true if you have a large family that requires you to do a significant amount of laundry.

Once a clog develops, the debris in the vent heats up every time you run the clothes dryer. Not only that, but for a major clog, the debris can come into contact with the heating element. The other thing that happens is the clog restricts airflow. That causes the dryer to run even hotter.

What makes this even more frightening is that many people turn their dryer on while out running errands. For optimal protection, never leave the dryer unattended when operating and use professional dryer duct cleaning services.

How to Protect Your Home and Loved Ones

• Remember to empty the lint trap following every load. That prevents loose fibres and other particles from getting into the laundry, followed by going through the vent. Then, at least once a month, clean the dryer vent. In most cases, this detaches easily. Anything you see inside should be removed.

• Schedule an annual dryer vent cleaning for your Toronto home. A technician will inspect the appliance and then thoroughly clean any debris from the vent. During the same visit, the tech will look for anything that might increase the risk of a fire. For instance, perhaps the vent isn’t long enough, or you may need a different type.

• Again, never run the dryer when you’re not at home. Unfortunately, this is when a lot of house fires start. Yes, it’s convenient but also incredibly dangerous.

Hire the Right Company for Dryer Duct Cleaning in Toronto

Although you’ll have no problem finding companies that offer this service, not all provide the same level of quality. City Duct Cleaning Inc. promises to do a complete inspection and cleaning at an affordable price. Give us a call today.

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