Dryer Ducts


Air Duct System Repairs

Here are some examples of why it makes good sense to keep your air duct systems in good repair. The photos below show some of the recent dryer exhaust ducts that we have cleaned, but the principle applies to any air duct system whether it is for an exhaust system or for heating or cooling in a home or a business. The first set of photos shows a broken 90 degree elbow that was found by our inspection camera or duct cam. The duct being photographed in this case is in a retirement home. We measured it out and broke a...Read More

Duct Cleaning Coupon

Save money on your air duct cleaning at City Duct. Visit our coupon page at https://www.cityductcleaning.com/coupon.html and print out the coupon. Our technician will deduct this amount directly from your invoice. There is also a duct cleaning specials page at https://www.cityductcleaning.com/special.html. This changes monthly, and the new special can always be used in conjunction with our current coupon. This month we are including a free duct system deodorizer supplied with every residential air duct cleaning in the Toronto area.   $25 off any residential air duct cleaning One coupon per order. Not valid with any other offer. Please mention coupon...Read More

Dryer Duct Fires and How to Help Prevent Them

There are hundreds of clothes dryer fires every year which causes death, injuries and millions of dollars in destruction. How many people toss a load of wash in the dryer and then go to work or simply go to bed? Watch this story and you probably won't want to ever do that again. What causes dryer fires? Experts say its a combination of heat and lint. Not just the lint you can see on your lint trap but the lint you can't see in the dryer's exhaust. It's a combination of heat and blockage of proper venting. If there's a...Read More

Dryer Duct Cleaning Experts – The Problem Solvers

Over the years we've cleaned so many dryer exhaust duct systems, and from time-to-time we get called in to solve a venting problem that no one else could seem to take care of. These are some shots of a recent dryer vent cleaning that we did in downtown Toronto. The homeowner had two different companies in before us, and both of them charged her too much money and didn't even solve the problem. The first guy came with a leaf blower, took the flex off the back of the dryer and blew in there with it. He pissed around for...Read More

How Much Lint Collects Inside Your Dryer Exhaust Duct?

How much lint actually collects inside your dryer exhaust duct? This is a common question that we are often asked when performing dryer exhaust duct maintenance or dryer vent cleaning, however, it is difficult to give a simple answer that applies to everyone. The amount of lint that collects inside your clothes dryer vent will depend on several factors, which include how often the dryer is used, what type of clothing is being dried, and the overall length of the dryer exhaust vent. This photo above shows a flexible dryer vent that we removed from a fairly new home, in...Read More