Dryer Ducts


Cleaning of Your Dryer Exhausts

Did you know that dryer fires are one of the most common fires in Ontario? This is because most homeowners don’t realize the amount of lint that comes off of their clothes with every cycle. When you dry your clothes most of the lint is trapped in your lint trap. The rest of the lint builds up on the inside of your dryer piping. With this lint collection and the gas that your dryer puts out (even if electric), plus the temperature of your dryer, heats this lint up and dries it out. Now this extremely dry lint is in...Read More

Dirty Dryer Exhaust Ducts

From one single dryer in a customer's home to dozens of commercial machines in a coin laundry, City Duct Cleaning cleans all dryer exhaust ductwork big and small. And whether the dryers are gas-fired or electric, that doesn't matter either. They all produce the same amount of lint, and you'd be very surprised to see how quickly the lint builds up in your ductwork. City Duct Cleaning does dryer duct cleaning in homes, condominiums and in places of business such as laundromats, hotels, retirement homes and more! For more info on dryer duct cleaning, check out these additional posts... https://www.cityductcleaning.com/category/dryer-ducts/...Read More

Duct Cleaning Tools – The Predator Whip

Whether we're cleaning air duct systems in a home or a commercial building, We've always got several duct cleaning tools at our disposal. Which ones we do use depends on the specific job. You've likely heard of a skipper ball or an air snake, and this is a common air tool that we always use in every case. But there are several kinds of skipper balls too... spinning ones, forward-blowing balls and reverse-blowing skipper balls. These should be common tools for most air duct cleaners. Besides the skipper balls, there are also scorpion and predator air whips available as well....Read More

Duct Cleaning – Find Out Why Only A Professional Should Do It

Most people do not think about their air ducts much, despite their importance to every household. It is fair to say, then, that duct cleaning is often overlooked, but it is quite important. It will help improve your home's air quality, helping you and your family breathes a little easier. Find out why you should get this task done by a professional. Having clean ducts seems like a no-brainer since "dirty" is a word most people do not like when it comes to their home. Therefore, duct cleaning might not cross most people's minds, but most are also not opposed...Read More

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Ducts?

    There are many factors that will determine the frequency of dryer duct cleaning. These things include the length of your dryer exhaust run or piping, and how often the machine is used. For the average home, it is recommended that dryer duct cleaning be done once every year. For a commercial application, semi-annual cleaning is often needed. We have some customers who have us clean their dryer exhaust ductwork monthly. In one case, they do several loads of laundry every day and the length of their dryer duct is fairly long. They have also experienced a dryer duct...Read More