Sources of Air Duct Contamination

66mmx source of air duct contamination

All inside air was once outside air, so all of the dust, chemicals, pollen, insects and mold spores in the outside air can be pulled into your indoor air system. People shed millions of tiny dead skin cells every hour. Cooking smoke, cigarette smoke, aerosol sprays and personal care products are also additional sources of pollutants.

Many construction materials as well as carpets, wood products and plastics give off pollutants and odors as well. During construction or during renovations, many types of dust are also produced and they often find their way into the ductwork. This is especially true if the air handling system was on during any part of the renovation. Dust can find its way into your air system even though several precautions may have been taken to prevent this.

The solution is to have your air duct system(s) professionally cleaned. The most effective method of cleaning your ducts would be by using a truck-mounted vacuum system and compressed air. In some cases, mostly due to the accessibility of your duct system (or if it can be reached by a truck mounted unit), a portable vacuum system may be used. But the cleaning procedure must still include the use of high pressure compressed air, as it is the air pressure that does the most important part of the cleaning.

If moisture or water is present inside any part of your duct system then mold may also be an issue, and this should be inspected by a qualified professional immediately.

Air ducts and HVAC systems should be cleaned every two to four years. Your furnace should be cleaned at least once every two years as should your dryer exhaust vent ducts.

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