Smoke Damage in Air Duct Systems

House furnace fire Soot air grill

Unfortunately, a forced air ventilation system is quite effective at spreading smoke throughout your house. When a fire occurs and the furnace or cooling system is on, it acts as a vacuum and sucks in all the smoke and redistributes it throughout the house.

It creates an unbelievable mess that no one should have to go through. Being in business for as long as we have, most restoration companies call us when they need to clean the air ducts so they are able to clean the rest of the house. Think about it… would you change the oil in your car and NOT change the filter? So would it not make sense to clean the air ducts before the entire house is cleaned?

At City Duct Cleaning we have been involved quite heavily in the field of fire and water damage restoration, and this has been since day one. We have developed some very unique procedures and techniques that we use while handling this type of duct cleaning procedure.

We work in conjunction with most of the top restoration companies in the Toronto Area, and have been doing so for many years. If you have ever experienced a fire or flood in your home then it is quite possible that we have cleaned your air duct system before.

If you are interested in having your duct system cleaned for maintenance reasons or to help your family breathe cleaner air, we are always available for private appointments.

City Duct Cleaning is a very reputable, award-winning company and we do excellent, guaranteed work.

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