How to Remove Mold from AC Ducts

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Although there are methods for removing mold from AC ducts yourself, this is a job better left to a licensed professional working for a reputable company that offers residential duct cleaning in Toronto. For one thing, without experience or the appropriate tools, you may have a hard time gaining access to the area of the system where mold exists. Also, there are several different types of mold, including some that only trained residential duct cleaning specialists should handle.

To ensure that the job gets done correctly and to avoid any potential health risks, you should seriously consider using a professional residential cleaning service to get mold out of your AC ducts. With the work complete, you have the assurance that your AC unit will perform optimally and last longer, and also that your home’s air quality is safe for humans and pets.

Before doing any work, the specialist will remove the air conditioning filter and, with a handheld flashlight, confirm the mold’s presence. Along with location, the expert can verify the extent of the problem. Sometimes, residential duct cleaning specialists only find the presence of mold inside of the unit, while at other times, they may find it throughout the home’s ductwork.

The technician will use manual or mechanical brushes to dislodge the mold. After finishing the scrubbing process, the expert may also use an air gun to blow the mold out. In some instances, a HEPA filter is also used to eliminate mold from an AC unit. If the mold in your home is severe and after using other methods, a chemical treatment may be necessary; not only will this prevent the mold from returning, but also eliminate the unpleasant musty smell inside of your home.

There are times when a professional will either test a sample of mold using an on-site kit or send it off to a laboratory for analysis. Especially in severe cases, this can help determine the appropriate course of action. Testing also helps the technician identify what type of protective gear he needs to complete the job.

Today, do-it-yourself mold kits are easy to find. However, organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recommend that you rely on a professional residential cleaning service since valid risks exist. Another problem with DIY solutions is that, in many instances, some mold gets left behind. Also, not realizing they are dealing with a potentially dangerous strain, homeowners breath in spores that become airborne, thereby putting their health at risk.

Hiring a Trusted Company

Instead of putting yourself in a dangerous situation or perhaps not getting rid of all the mold out of your AC unit, we can help. At City Duct Cleaning, we provide professional mold removal services for both residential and commercial customers. Call us today or check us out online for additional information.

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