Proactive IAQ Management

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A large percentage of complaints that are related to indoor air quality can be avoided by routine inspections of a facility’s occupied space and its mechanical systems by someone knowledgeable about and sensitive to IAQ issues.

Minor complaints can also be prevented in many cases from escalating into a full-blown crises simply with good communication between building occupants and the facility’s management team. A quick response to IAQ concerns is both prudent and extremely helpful.

Proactive measures to help maintain good indoor air quality would at a minimum include:

  • Designating an IAQ manager
  • Developing an IAQ facility profile
  • Identifying potential as well as active IAQ problems
  • Educating facility personnel about IAQ issues
  • Developing and implementing an operation and maintenance plan

It is also essential to perform regular physical inspections of the occupied space, above-ceiling cavities, and ventilation system components, instead of relying solely on a building management system computer screen to indicate building conditions. Sensors often go out of calibration and damper linkages can fail.

This is where City Duct Cleaning’s expertise can be utilized to your advantage. We are way more than just an air duct cleaning company. In larger buildings we are able to provide building inspections and reports on HVAC systems and their components, as well as the cleaning and regular maintenance of these items as well.

Over the years we have taken some pretty amazing video of our duct cleaning procedures that were done in various office buildings and factories in the Toronto area. People are always quite impressed when they see the before and after shots… they knew the systems were dirty to begin with, but never fully understood what they really had in there. And air flow is always greatly improved as well.

We inspect and clean all the HVAC systems, heating and air conditioning ductwork, fresh air systems, all exhaust and ventilation systems including ductwork, grills, fans, coils and more!

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