How Often Does a Home Need Dryer Duct Cleaning?

dryer duct cleaning

There is a surprisingly large number of homeowners, as well as landlords, who have no idea that they should have dryer duct cleaning performed by a professional. Unfortunately, some of them learn only after it is too late. Every year, more than 12,000 fires relating to clothes dryers break out in residential buildings. Therefore, cleaning the dryer duct is critical.

Avoiding a Disastrous Situation

Although emptying the lint trap is also important, having the exhaust vent cleaned is entirely different. In Toronto, during the frigid winter months, people launder and dry blankets, sweaters, heavy woolen socks, scarves, and so on, which makes cleaning the dryer duct imperative. If not cleaned, lint can become trapped inside of the dryer duct, and it then accumulates. By continuing to use the dryer, hot forced air can ignite a fire.

In addition to lint building up by drying specific types of items as mentioned, there is another risk. Sometimes, moisture in the air causes even a small amount of lint to stick together, which leads to it becoming trapped inside the dryer duct. Using a standard vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough, nor can it reach far enough to make a difference. Instead, a professional technician from a reputable company uses a specialize dryer duct cleaning brush.

As part of the cleaning service, the expert will detach the duct from the back of the dryer and then, using the brush as well as other tools and equipment, he or she will clear everything out. However, the technician will also focus on cleaning the duct from the exterior of the home so that nothing gets missed.

Potential Warning Signs

The best way to protect you, your family, pets, and your home is by having a professional clean your dryer duct on a scheduled basis. However, there are also telltale signs that you should pay attention to when running your dryer.

  • Extended Drying Time – If you notice that loads of laundry are taking much longer to dry than usual, there is a good chance you have accumulated lint in the duct.
  • Odd Smell – If the duct becomes clogged, you might also notice a hot or burning smell when running the dryer.
  • Exterior – Even the outside of your dryer might become hot to the touch.
  • Hood Flap – Also, if the vent hood flap on your dryer does not open correctly, consider that a warning sign.

Optimal Protection

Whether you notice a potential warning sign of a clogged duct or you have not had your dryer checked in some time, call us at City Duct Cleaning for superior service. At a minimum, you should have your dryer exhaust vents inspected once a year. However, if you have a large family or launder items with a lot of lint, then we recommend two to three times a year.

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