Not So Cool?

Dirty air filters

Considering the extremely hot summer we are having, you are most likely operating your air conditioning system more than not. But why is it not cool in the house?

If you are experiencing a lack of cooling, chances are that your air filter is very dirty, or possibly plugged, therefore inhibiting proper air flow.

Your furnace and air conditioning systems both require clean air filters to run properly. Dirty air filters is the number one cause for “no heat” and “no cooling” service calls.

Before you call for service, check the condition of your air filter and clean or replace it as needed.

Also be sure to check the position of any volume dampers in your air duct system, and check to make sure that the damper in your humidifier bypass tube is closed for the summer.

If your air conditioner still does not seem to be cooling, check the outside condenser unit. When the air conditioning turns on, the compressor and the fan outside should come on immediately, as should your furnace fan.

You can hear the compressor, and you should see the outside fan when it is running. If either of these two items do not appear to be working when your air conditioning is on, then you should first confirm that the breaker or switch is “on”. Note too, that both your furnace switch and the air conditioning breaker or disconnect box should both be switched to “on” . If these steps fail to rectify the situation then you should call for service.

It is our hope that these quick central air conditioning tips will help prevent at least some people from prematurely calling for service unless it is 100% required.

Enjoy your summer and please stay cool!

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