Major Health Benefits Gained From Cleaning Your Air Ducts And Garbage Chutes

Are the residents in your building complaining about allergic reactions, watery eyes and foul smells in the common areas of your building? There’s a good chance that it’s time to have your building’s air ducts, garbage chutes and garbage compactor cleaned.

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When considering environmental problems, indoor air pollution is among the highest risk to human health. Indoor air pollution levels are often ten times or more higher than those outdoors, and this is easily verified by doing a minimal amount of research online.Even in the most well-kept buildings, your ventilation ductwork can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria. Since everyone is normally exposed to some level of indoor pollution from cooking fumes, aerosol sprays, dust, household cleaners and other sources, the effective control of indoor pollution levels relies heavily on the effective maintenance of your property’s ventilation systems and garbage chutes. This is especially true in apartment buildings and high-rises, and that’s where City Duct Cleaning can help.

The chute cleaning process basically consists of a chemical wash to soften the grimy build-up, followed by a pressure washing to blast it from the chute walls. This is followed by the cleaning and de-greasing of the garbage chute doors on each floor, and also washing and deodorizing the compactor.

The air duct cleaning process for your hallway’s fresh air supply involves first sealing off the entire system. A combination of high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum and compressed air are then used to clean the entire duct system starting from the top floor and working towards the vacuum.

The fresh air fan, it’s air intake filters and all components of the air handling system are thoroughly cleaned as well as all the air diffusers from the hallways. This process could take anywhere from half a day to several days, depending on the number of fresh air systems in your building, how dirty the systems are, and the size of your building.

City Duct Cleaning provides the cleaning of several types of air duct systems including dryer exhaust ductwork, whether these are serving common laundry areas or individual units. We clean washroom exhaust ducts, kitchen exhaust ductwork and air handling equipment as well.

There are many benefits to be gained by keeping your air systems clean, such as improved air quality and savings on energy costs to name a few.

If you are in the Greater Toronto area, please call us for a free no-obligation estimate.

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