Professional Duct Cleaning in the GTA

Did you know that dirty ducts can compromise the air you breathe? If not cleaned and sanitized, dust, mould, pet hair, and both rodent and insect droppings accumulate in these areas. That means when you run the air conditioning and heating system, the air that passes through the ductwork blows those things out into your home or business. That’s one reason why you need to hire a reputable company for duct cleaning in the GTA.

City Duct Cleaning specializes in this and other areas. For example, along with air duct cleaning, our qualified technicians handle attic insulation removal as well as both dryer duct and vent cleaning also in the GTA.

Additional Reasons for Commercial and Residential Duct Cleaning in the GTA

It’s important to create a cleaner living and working environment. However, there are other benefits to having air ducts cleaned. Here are a few examples.

  • It reduces irritants and allergens. That significantly helps people with allergies, asthma, and COPD
  • It eliminates foul odours caused by dirt and debris inside the ductwork
  • It makes airflow more efficient, which in turn, decreases how hard an HVAC system works. As a result, air conditioning and heating systems last longer

Remember, dryer duct and vent cleaning are also important since they reduce the risk of fire. However, you may also need a service for attic insulation removal. After all, some older homes have insulation that contains asbestos, formaldehyde, and other toxic materials known to cause cancer, among other things.

Turn to a Trusted Source

For commercial and residential duct cleaning in the GTA, contact City Duct Cleaning today. We use cutting-edge equipment and techniques for air duct cleaning. Not only will you notice a difference in air quality, but you’ll also enjoy peace of mind.

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