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Proper dryer venting is much more important than most homeowners realize. Considering the stakes involved and the frequency of residential dryer fires, the topic of dryer venting deserves more attention than it gets.


Keep Your Dryer Exhaust Safe and Efficient
The LintAlert® enhances your home safety plan by monitoring the dryer exhaust system for problems. As lint naturally builds up over time, LED indicators progressively illuminate to show how efficiently your dryer is operating. When airflow restriction becomes dangerous, an alarm is triggered.

Airflow Restriction Causes Dryer Fires
While it may be obvious that dryer exhaust problems will increase your utility bills, it’s important to know they also create a very real fire hazard. The U.S. Fire Administration reports more than 15,000 dryer fires every year. Today, you can protect your home and family from that threat.

Common Causes of Dangerous Airflow Restriction

  • Normal Lint Buildup in the Dryer Duct
  • Kinked or Crushed Dryer Connection Hoses
  • Blockage of the Dryer Vent Hood
  • Peace of Mind Knowing Your Dryer is Safe and Efficient

Utilizing advanced technology, the onboard computer calibrates to know precisely how your dryer should be performing. It continually checks the system and tells you exactly when attention is needed.

Your dryer should be cleaned once a year or when the third LED lights up to keep your home safe and efficient.

We invite you to watch the attached video to learn more about LintAlert® and how it can help protect your home and your family.

Lint Alert Provides Excellent Value
Lint Alert costs only $69.00 plus applicable taxes. Order your’s today!

Press Release about the Lint Alert:
At this very moment a hidden danger snakes through your walls. Every year across the U.S., this danger causes over 15,000 fires in homes just like your’s.

What is this hidden threat to the safety of your home? Surprisingly, its the ordinary operation of your dryer’s exhaust system.

The duct in your walls naturally accumulate lint at a rate that will eventually restrict air flow SO MUCH, that your dryer can no longer vent properly. Left unchecked, the possibility of lint blow back into the dryer’s heating element could ignite a fire.

There are several factors that contribute to, and can accelerate this common fire hazard.

  • Your duct run may be restrictive due to its length or its unusual path. In some parts of the country, birds and small animals build nests that block the exhaust.
  • The hose behind your dryer may be crushed or kinked excessively.
  • The termination hood at the exterior may exhibit screen-like features allowing lint to build up.
  • When it comes to the safety of your home and family, you already have enough to worry about.

Today with Lint Alert, you can get an important new monitoring device that will alleviate the fear of dryer venting problems and the fires they cause.

Proper dryer exhaust air flow plays a key role in safety while helping you maximize energy efficiency in your home.

By monitoring the back pressure in the dryer’s exhaust duct, the Lint Alert warns you of a significant blockage.

Disguised as a simple night light and pass-through plug, the Lint Alert reveals a soft blue illumination in standby mode. As lint builds up over time and restricts air flow, the light bar blockage indicator will progressively illuminate from green to yellow, then to red, at which time a soft audible alarm will sound.

As a homeowner, there are few things more comforting than the confidence of knowing you have every safety device available to protect your home and family.

Smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms all provide a wealth of safe-keeping.

Until now, there was no way to monitor the dryer’s risk of lint build up and the related danger it carried with it.

Keep in mind that Lint Alert can provide notice when there is a significant blockage in your dryer’s exhaust run. But it does not replace regular inspection and maintenance.

When debuted at the 2009 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, the Lint Alert took first place in new product world, first place in new product launch, and won a retailer’s choice award.

The Lint Alert. The first back pressure sensing device for the dryer.

Get one today.

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