Keep Your HVAC System Germ-Free Easily

Ultra Violet Lighting System for HVAC

Years ago, the HVAC industry addressed a huge problem concerning mold growth that was due to the very common drum-type humidifiers that most people already had installed on their furnaces.

With water constantly sitting in the water tray, it provided a very high source of mold growth.The answer brought about the introduction of the flow-through type humidifier, which uses only enough water to humidify your home, and any water not used by the process is drained away.

These types of humidifiers are now very common. The replacement of drum-type humidifiers with a flow-through model is crucial to improving indoor air quality, however, when considering mold in your system, the humidifier is only one part of the problem.

Studies have also shown that air conditioning coils are the primary source of mold growth in HVAC systems.

There is a very effective solution to that problem, and that’s where UVC Lights come into play.

The best way to eliminate mold from your HVAC and air duct system is with the use of Ultraviolet C-band (UVC) lights. These are used in many HVAC systems for IAQ (indoor air quality) and infectious disease control, are are now becoming fairly popular.

Fresh inoculation coming off the coil typically migrates downstream and some of it settles in the ductwork. But when you destroy mold and microbial growth at the coil, you eliminate the food source. By doing so, the contamination that has already built up on the duct surfaces will eventually decay away.

The common solution then, is to install UVC lights at the source (downstream of and facing the coil, or in the return air duct if installing it downstream is too difficult). Coil surfaces are continuously bathed in germicidal light, designed to kill microorganisms that grow and multiply there. Not only on the visible part of the fins, but also on surfaces within the coil, where the greatest amount of mold activity occurs.

When you install UVC to keep coils and ductwork clean, it’s essentially a permanent fix. There’s little to do except change the bulbs about once a year.

The coil is the source of the trouble in most cases. And when you eradicate mold growth at the source, the related odors quickly disappear. Occupants report a fresher smelling environment and the abatement of many allergy and discomfort problems.

For our customers who require the absolute cleanest air possible, we recommend a thorough air duct cleaning, the installation of a quality air filter of course, and the installation of at least one UV Light. These three items combined will greatly improve the indoor air quality in your home.

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