It Has Been Confirmed

102mmx breathe clean air

It has been confirmed. Breathing clean air makes you live longer!

If you want your air to be clean then you have to do two things:

1. Regularly clean your air duct systems. This includes all exhausts and fresh air intakes.

2. Regularly clean or replace your air filters.

These two items are crucial to breathing cleaner air in any building.

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People on average, breathe about 25,000 times per day. We unconsciously breathe in toxic air comprised of bacteria, virus, pollen, house dust, tobacco and offensive smells.

Take a look at this interesting video we found, which is about a new kind of air cleaner. I’ve never actually seen anything like this, but isn’t this almost the same thing as a vaporizer? It looks like a mini space ship, and uses only water to clean the air. It looks cool and they say it does a great job but I think I’ll definitely stick with my Home Hepa Filtration System. It already  has proven results. And you should see how much dust it takes out the air!

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