Is Your Furnace Ready?

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The Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to the summer for many, and since we’ve also been having almost fall-like weather these past few days, I think it might be prudent to run this post once again.

Getting Your Heating System Ready For The Fall offers some helpful advice, and the only other thing I might add now that another year has gone by is when we get to the part where your furnace fan comes on, make sure that you actually feel the air blowing from the vents. Heat will rise and some warmth will come out of them if the furnace is on. Even if the fan is not. So make sure you have good air blowing out.

If your air flow is not good enough then you might want to consider having your air ducts cleaned. And if you are interested in upgrading your air filter to something better, there are many options available. We can hook you up with just about any type of air filter there is. We supply and install them all. From 1″ exterior furnace filter racks to electronic air cleaners to whole house HEPA systems. We do it all and we can offer some good free advice as well. Just call if you need us.

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