Is this MY Washroom?

89mmx exhaust ducts

What you can’t see, can definitely hurt you.

This is a typical washroom exhaust duct, which has not been duct cleaned for years.

The air won’t exhaust properly, causing the washroom to smell and the duct motor, duct housing and duct exhaust run will get clogged!!!

If you want to save money and have your exhaust ducts work efficiently, call City Duct Cleaning for a professional cleaning.

If you live in a condo, you may find that your washroom exhaust is actually served by the laundry exhaust fan. If this is the case, then the entire system will be cleaned all at once. But if your system is not configured that way, it is still cost-effective to also have us clean out your dryer vent system at the same time while our equipment is there.

It is not relevant what floor you live on. To clean these systems we use a portable electric vacuum system and also use compressed air. We run an air hose from our truck up to whatever floor you live on, that way we will be cleaning your system with high pressure air from the truck… way better than you could get from any portable system.

Watch this video to learn more about bathroom cleaning and maintenance problems you could encounter if your ventilation fan gets a little dusty. Sometimes all you need is a good cleaning to improve the longevity of your bathroom appliances and if that’s the case, then what you waiting for?

Cleaning your washroom exhaust fan regularly would definitely help with the overall indoor air quality of your home. But it might be a good idea to remove the cover and vacuum the fan and the housing before trying to blow the thing.

Also, if you can remove the fan, usually this is fairly simple and requires taking one or two screws, then you can clean off the blades of the fan and stick your blower inside the now exposed exhaust duct. That pipe leads directly outside.

Once you get everything cleaned out and put back together, run the fan and check its operation and check for new noises.

The final step would be to leave the fan on, then go outside and make sure that the flappers on the exterior vent are open. If they are, then you’re good to go.

Cleaning of your washroom exhaust fans normally takes only about 10 minutes and should be done about every 3-4 months. And whenever the bathroom grill looks dirty, take it down and wash it!

The same procedure basically applies whether you are in a house or a condo.

If you are not able to do this yourself or just don’t feel like it, you can ask for this service to be added for a minimal cost the next time you get your air ducts cleaned.

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