Is Duct Cleaning All You Need?

Is Duct Cleaning All You Need?

The question about Source Removal is one that can bring you two very different answers. Many HVAC contractors would say that source removal (the cleaning of your duct system) is all that is needed, and on the other hand, some would say that it is only half the job.

The correct answer is that more is required to provide the homeowner with what should be expected by having this procedure completed.

You would think that an established duct cleaning company would wish to maintain a certain level of professionalism and build a good reputation for themselves while working in this industry.

The opposite seems to be true of many duct cleaning companies in the Toronto area. There are people who would tell outright lies before they even make it into your home. One common myth or lie that is currently being put to good use is the length of time they have been in business. People will “exaggerate” about the power of their duct cleaning equipment or promise that an air duct cleaning job will fix almost any problem.

When you are searching for a company to provide your duct cleaning, the least you can do is to enquire how long they have been in business and ask them if they can prove it. Do they have liability insurance and workman’s compensation coverage? These are required items, and every reputable business will have those two as a minimum. It is ok to ask for proof of these things too before you let any company into your home, but just be sure to let them know about this ahead of time.

This kind of proof is not normally carried around by any duct cleaning technicians, but if they know ahead of time that you wish to see these things then they should willingly provide it without trying to discourage you in any way.

If they do give you some excuse as to why they cannot provide any of these things then you can bet your last dollar that they are either not telling you like it is, they are not really reputable at all, and they will no doubt continue to mislead you about their duct cleaning methods and/or pricing too.

An air duct cleaning job should always include the cleaning of your air conditioning coil, the furnace fan and all compartments that air will normally pass through.

If someone wants to charge extra for this service, and says that their price only includes cleaning of the ductwork only, then you should choose another company instead.

At City Duct Cleaning Inc., all these items are always included in our work. It is so crucial that these items be cleaned as part of the procedure that we never make it an option. It’s always included.

If you want a thorough and honest job done then call City Duct Cleaning. We have built our company on honesty and integrity, and we have won multiple awards for providing the best of service.

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