Invisible Duct Cleaning Equipment vs. Massive Suction

I think its comical when I go surfing other duct cleaning sites on the web sometimes and I see them showing a picture of their truck and their equipment… sometimes they’ve got a cube van with all the hoses displayed on the ground in front of the back door, and you can see right into the truck. There’s ladders hanging there, you can sometimes see a small shop vac in the picture and way up near the front you can see a compressor.

But what I’d like to know is where is your vacuum equipment? Is what you’re showing us supposed to be impressive? Certainly not to someone like me who happens to be a highly-qualified expert in the field.

What you’re showing me here is an empty truck. All that stuff could fit into a mini-van. So you’re driving around in a cube van just to impress people, correct?

Some of those other guys who say they are cleaning people’s ducts must be using invisible duct cleaning equipment. Or, if the thing is so small that you can’t even see it in the picture, what kind of suction are they going to have at the end of the hose by the time they run it 100 or so feet from the truck to your furnace? Could it even suck up a kleenex?

Here’s what a real truck-mounted vacuum system looks like. The vacuum system alone uses up most of the truck. There is a gas-powered 4 cylinder engine that runs the vacuum and the compressor. If you were to put your hand up to the end of the hose when it is running, it would suck your whole arm into the hose.

Duct cleaning compresso City duct-vacuum truck

It is true that the suction doesn’t do all the work when you are getting your duct system cleaned. It’s actually a combination of the compressed air and the vacuum working together. But to do a real job, they do both have to be powerful.

Having the right equipment alone is not just enough to get a quality cleaning either, but at least its a good start. Another very important factor is that the technician has to know how to use the equipment properly.

We once walked into a job site where some other company was cleaning some ducts and saw the technician struggling like crazy trying to get his air snake to work properly. The hose was bunching up and the thing just was not co-operating. You could tell that he was getting quite frustrated. So John says, “Give me that”, and took the thing out of his hand and fired the air snake right down the duct just like nothing. The guy was quite surprised and asked him, “How did you do that”? It was pretty funny, but the sad thing is that this is something that is fairly typical. We’ve seen similar situations many times.

So how did John manage to send the air snake straight to the end of the duct with almost no effort at all? That comes from years of experience and knowing how to use your tools.

If you want quality workmanship and experienced duct cleaning technicians who use real truck-mounted vacuum equipment, then give us a call. While we are at your home you can come out to the truck and see the equipment for yourself if you want to. It’s big, its real and its powerful, and you are always welcome to test our suction for yourself. We have nothing to hide.

So in short, if you want it done right, call City Duct. Our pricing is reasonable and all our work is completely guaranteed. (416) 293-1800

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