Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution

There are two main types of air pollution;
1. Particulates (air pollutants that have mass) dust, dander, pollen and cigarette smoke.
2. Volatile Organic Compoundes (VOC’s) which are gases from chemicals that are released into the air by various household materials and liquiteds.

Some sources can be included but not limited too are:
1. Carpets – may emit VOC’s, trap dust, home for microbial organisms
2. Cigarette Smoke – Contains 40 know carcinogens
3. Dry-Cleaned Clothing – may emit chemical used in the dry-cleaning process
4. Furniture – pressed wood may emit formaldehyde
5. Household Dust – most dust is too small to see
6. Mattresses & Pillows – homes for dust mites, trap dust
7. Pets – shed dander, carry bacteria, odors
8. Stuffed Toys – trap dust, may emit VOC’s
9. Air Ducts – can contain molds
10. Wall Paper – mold and mildew can form between paper and walls
11. Air Freshners – may emit VOC’s
12. Household Cleaners – may emit VOC’s
13. Personal Care Products – may emit VOC’s
14. Toilets – source of odors and mold
15. Showers & Tubs – mold and mildew
16. Cabinets – pressed wood may emit formaldehyde
17. Plants – source of pollen and dust, home for microbial organisms
18. Upholstery & Drapes – trap dust and odors
19. Wood Stoves / Fireplaces – product fly ash and smoke
20. Radon Daughters – The radioactive decay products of naturally occuring radon gas that can become attached to airbore dust particles.

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