How to Tell if Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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You recently purchased an existing home, and while you are excited, you have no idea when the last time someone cleaned the ductwork was. Without that information, you and others could be breathing in harmful contaminants without even knowing it. If you are unable to get the information you need, look for telltale signs to determine if you need a professional duct cleaning service in Toronto.

  • Dirty Vents – Remember, the HVAC system forces air through the ductwork and into the living space of your home. When the ducts have a buildup of dirt, debris, and other contaminants, you will notice dirty vents. If you take the vent off and look inside, you would see piles of “stuff” too large to escape the slats. Wiping the dirt off from the outside only improves the appearance of the vents while doing nothing to prevent the problem from occurring again.
  • Dirty Air Filter – Another way to tell if you need duct cleaning in Toronto is by looking at the air filter. Although you should replace this every two to three months regardless, if you notice significantly more dust and debris than usual, then you need professional help.
  • Continuously Running HVAC System – If your heating and air conditioning unit runs for long periods of time to keep the interior of the home cool or warm, there is an excellent chance that you have dirty ducts. Clogs inside the ductwork diminish airflow, causing the system to struggle to keep up with demand. At the same time, this puts a tremendous amount of strain on the unit itself.
  • Increased Allergy or Upper Respiratory Symptoms – People with allergies, asthma, COPD, and other respiratory health-related problems could notice worsening symptoms. After all, along with fine dirt and dust, ducts become clogged with pet dander, dead skin cells, mold spores, fungi, pollen, rodent and insect feces, and even microorganisms from cat litter. Without professional duct cleaning in Toronto, the ducts can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mites, and other pests. Especially for people with upper respiratory problems, this creates a serious risk.
  • Higher Energy Bills – A spike in your energy bill is another telltale sign that your ducts need cleaning. The buildup of contaminants inside the ductwork compromises the efficiency of the HVAC system. The system must operate for long periods to keep the interior of the home comfortable. As a result, you would see a significant increase in your monthly utility bill.
  • Accumulated Dust – If you see more dust on furniture, countertops, toys, and other surfaces than normal, you need to have the ductwork in your home cleaned.

Pay attention to these signs. If you notice any of them, contact a reputable company to clean the ductwork in your home professionally. Make sure you hire a certified company that also provides dryer vent cleaning in Toronto. Like the HVAC system, your dryer vent will help your dryer run more efficiently. Even more vital, a clean dryer vent dramatically reduces the risk of a fire.

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