How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Ducts?

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There are many factors that will determine the frequency of dryer duct cleaning. These things include the length of your dryer exhaust run or piping, and how often the machine is used.

For the average home, it is recommended that dryer duct cleaning be done once every year. For a commercial application, semi-annual cleaning is often needed.

We have some customers who have us clean their dryer exhaust ductwork monthly. In one case, they do several loads of laundry every day and the length of their dryer duct is fairly long. They have also experienced a dryer duct fire in the past, and since that time they have remained extremely interested in keeping on top of this necessary maintenance. If you have ever had to experience something like this first-hand, then you would realize too, how important this is.

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Some tips which would help you to keep your exhaust duct clean would be to clean the dryer lint trap after every load, and to periodically pull out the clothes dryer and remove and clean the flexible duct. This can be cleaned with compressed air if you have it available, or by taking it outside and cleaning it with your garden hose. If the flexible duct seems to be brittle, then replace it immediately.

City Duct Cleaning offers dryer duct cleaning as a stand-alone service or it can be combined with the regular air duct cleaning that you would have done for your whole house. Please call our office for details if you are interested in this service.

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