How Home Duct Cleaning Services Can Improve Air Quality

Home Duct Cleaning

Did you know that home duct cleaning services can dramatically improve indoor air quality? They can do that plus a lot more. Whether you recently purchased a previously owned house, have not had the ducts cleaned for a long time in a home you have had for years, or you just had renovations done, you need to hire a company that offers professional duct cleaning in Toronto.

Thanks to ongoing public education, an increasing number of people understand the value of residential duct cleaning in Toronto. Not only is this an excellent way to prevent the buildup of dust, but it also helps the HVAC perform optimally. That means to keep the house comfortable, the air conditioning and heating system runs more efficiently to keep the house comfortable. However, there is the health aspect of air quality to consider as well.

Dirty Ductwork

Over time, small particles accumulate inside of air ducts. Included are dust, debris, pet hair and dander, and even rodent and insect droppings. After a renovation, you could face more severe problems. For instance, if the home had any lead paint, asbestos, or other toxic material disturbed, it can end up inside the ducts. Regardless, when the HVAC system turns on, air forces those particles into the rooms of the house only for people and pets to inhale them.

With professional duct cleaning in Toronto, an expert brings various tools and equipment to the residence. With years of experience and extensive training, that person uses safe and effective methods to scrape away any buildup, followed by vacuuming out the contaminants. When they are finished, the air ducts will be perfectly clean. The next time the air or heat kicks on, only fresh air blows through the ductwork.

The fact is that duct cleaning directly affects the quality of air inside your home. By hiring a company for duct cleaning in Toronto that follows best practices, you and others will enjoy both short- and long-term benefits. Especially anyone living in the house with allergies or upper respiratory problems, clean ducts make life easier.

Suggested Schedule

After an initial cleaning, industry experts recommend that you have the air handling unit cleaned once a year and the supply ductwork, return ductwork, and exhaust every two years. That ensures the air quality in your home will remain clean and healthy.

Keep in mind that during the first cleaning, the inspector will determine the type of debris in your ductwork. If he or she finds mold, vermin, or droppings, the expert will suggest that you remedy the source. For instance, the presence of mold shows there is moisture somewhere that you need to eliminate. Taking care of the cause in certain situations combined with professional duct cleaning improves air quality and makes the home smell fresher.

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