How Frequently Should Duct Cleaning Be Done at Home?

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Over time, a home’s ductwork becomes quite dirty. However, along with dust and dirt, it’s common for air to become contaminated with other pollutants. Some examples include dust mites, pet dander, insect and rodent feces, mold, and more. These prove why home duct cleaning services are so critical.

Just imagine breathing in the various pollutants and contaminants that come from clogged ducts. As the air conditioning or furnace forces air through the ductwork, it carries along with it all the bad stuff. This can easily cause an assortment of health-related problems for both humans and animals, as well as excessive dust on surfaces and a compromised HVAC system. The good news: Professional home duct cleaning services eliminate all of that.

When it comes to services for residential duct cleaning in Toronto, be sure you work with the right source. You want a company with experience, knowledge, and a positive reputation to perform the work.

Even if you’re a “neat freak,” there’s no way to fix compromised indoor air without professional home duct cleaning. Wearing protective gear and relying on the best equipment and products, a technician will clean and sanitize the ductwork. When it’s finished, the associated health-related risks diminish dramatically.

How Often Should You Use Home Duct Cleaning Services?

By having the ductwork in your home cleaned initially, you won’t need to worry about breathing in compromised air. While that’s great, remember that the ducts will get dirty again. So, it’s important to set up scheduled maintenance. That way, you won’t ever need to worry about poor indoor air quality again.

A good rule of thumb for professional residential duct cleaning in Toronto is that it should be done once a year. Each year, a technician will eliminate all pollutants from inside the ductwork. Depending on where you live, they might notice a specific problem that requires a secondary service, too.

For instance, while performing home duct cleaning, the technician might see a significant accumulation of insect or rodent droppings. That could indicate that you have an infestation. Often, homeowners don’t even know there’s this type of issue until they hire a company to clean and sanitize the ducts.

Now, sometimes people begin to experience dry eyes, runny noses, or coughing sooner than the one-year mark. If that happens to you or your family, you might need to use home duct cleaning services more frequently. Again, this might occur when a secondary problem exists.

Rely on a Trusted Source for Residential Duct Cleaning in Toronto

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