Does Your Home Need a Duct Cleaning After Renovations?

Duct Cleaning

Renovating a home or business is an exciting endeavor, but it also leads to a significant amount of dust and debris. Instead of putting yourself and others at risk for illness or disease, now is the time to consider professional duct cleaning services. With duct cleaning, any potentially dangerous allergens and other pollutants get eliminated, thereby providing the needed protection.

Using state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipment and the appropriate duct cleaning tools, an expert will remove any dust the renovation caused from inside the ductwork. At the same, having the ducts cleaned eliminates rodent and insect droppings, pet dander, mold and mildew, and other allergens that can negatively impact a person’s health.

The following are the most common types of duct cleaning equipment and tools used by a professional for getting rid of dust and debris associated with renovations.

  • Access Tools – To start with, a certified or licensed professional relies on access tools that create entry points into the HVAC system. Depending on the technician, this involves making small holes or removing panels.
  • Inspection Tools – For a technician to determine the amount of dust and other debris inside of the ductwork, he or she uses various inspection tools. Sometimes, these include specialized cameras, mirrors, and periscopes. Based on the findings, the expert devises an appropriate plan for cleaning out the air ducts.
  • Cleaning Tools – The technician will use brushes and other hand-held tools to loosen any debris and push it toward a collection type of equipment.
  • Vacuum Equipment – Also referred to as a “collection device,” the vacuum creates negative pressure that makes removing dust and debris easier. In this case, a technician uses either a portable unit or one that mounts on a truck.
  • Wet Vacuums –Wet vacuums with a HEPA filtration system are essential for cleaning air ducts. Along with dust from the renovation process, they extract any water inside of the ductwork.

Turning to the Experts

To protect you, other individuals, the home or business structure, and even the HVAC system, professional duct cleaning services following a renovation project are critical. For assistance with this, please contact us at City Duct Cleaning. You can learn about all of our services by visiting our website or calling to speak with a company representative. With clean duct work, you can enjoy the modifications to your home or business, knowing that the environment is safe.

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