History of Duct Cleaning in Toronto

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History of Duct Cleaning in Toronto

The duct cleaning industry has been around in some form or other since the first use of air duct systems, but during the 1980’s there was a popular boom in modern duct cleaning companies.

The boom came along as the general public became more aware of and concerned with indoor air quality. Photos of highly magnified dust mites and statements playing on people’s fears about Legionairre’s Disease became common.

For the legitimate duct cleaning contractors already in the business, this new business movement was an unwelcome intrusion by the floods of scammers who were entering a legitimate industry. When we first started in business there were very few air duct cleaning companies in the GTA. In fact, we were one of only six such companies in Toronto.

We have seen so many fly-by-night duct cleaning companies come and go, and there are still some newer ones who are operating in the Toronto area today.

The established duct cleaning companies were concerned about the questionable marketing techniques that were springing up but the main concern was whether or not the ducts were actually being cleaned. This is a very legitimate concern, and is one that we shared as well, and still do to this day.

There are duct cleaning companies out there who specialize more in seperating you from your money, rather than cleaning your ducts. Not only do they not take any pride in their work whatsoever, but they really do not know how to clean ductwork professionally anyway. They have their spies but we have our’s too, and we hear lots of complaints about our “competitors” from our potential customers.

Honesty and integrity goes a long way. It’s too bad though, that everyone doesn’t play by those rules. It sure would make everyone’s lives so much easier.

If you are in need of any professional air duct cleaning services then call us at City Duct Cleaning Inc. today. We have won multiple awards for our business excellence.

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