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At City Duct we’ve had an excellent quality assurance program in effect for many years. A part of that program is our quality questionaire that we ask our customers to fill out while we are in their home.

Here are some of the comments that came off the bottom of those same questionaires. These are almost the same as duct cleaning reviews that you would see online, only we actually have these and plenty more in writing.

I grabbed a bunch of these off the top of the pile, and as you can see, we have a near-perfect rating.

Thanks again to all our customers who took the time to add their comments. 🙂


Excellent job. Austin deserves a raise!
J. McCabe, Toronto

Allan was very thorough and did extra cleaning when I showed him all the dirt we had in our cold air return. Thank you!
S. Cutler, Vaughan

We have been working with you for a number of years and are quite satisfied.
F. Dev, Toronto

It took quite a bit longer than I expected. Other than that, all is well.
C. Morin, Toronto

It has been a while and it needed cleaning. Good work.
K. Robertson, Toronto

Keep up the good work!
C. Wang, Scraborough

Allan answered all of our questons. Excellent job.
M. Currie, Toronto

Excellent work!
C. Reyes, Toronto

Excellent service, I was impressed with your technician.
E. Zunde, Scarborough

Arrival was almost an hour late. Service in the home was fine.
G. Nishimura, Markham

Technician was very good & pleasant.
C. Howlett, Toronto

Technician was helpful, friendly and efficient.
P. Swinnerton, Toronto

Allan was pleasant and co-operative. Thank you!
D. Fennell, Toronto

Focused on really cleaning the system. Did not rush. Very happy with service.
J. Pheir, Toronto

Service was excellent!
J. Inkster, Toronto

Thanks, Matt was great!
L. Forestell, Toronto

Matthew was very thorough & helpful. Excellent.
J. Gula, Toronto

Allan is a very polite and very professional individual. Excellent job.
J. Suler, Toronto

Allan was very pleasant and polite. Thank you.
B. Zatyko, Toronto

40 minutes late, good otherwise.
Z. Finkelstein, Toronto

Great service, nice technician. Allan was professional and very friendly.
F. Downil, Toronto

Good job!
C. Reid, Toronto

Technician very thoughtful and informative. Very polite & pleasant. Great job. Will refer to others.
M. Samardzich, Toronto

Great job!!
J. Tutreau, Mississauga

Very efficient and friendly service.
J. Brown, Toronto

Excellent job. Very helpful. Allan carefully showed me how my furnace filter works.
E. Seidmore, Toronto

Very good job.
G. Diamantakos, Toronto

Excellent service!! Kyle is personable, cautious, well trained. I’d have him back any time.
A. Cole, Toronto

Matt has an excellent customer service attitude. I appreciate all the assistance he provided with a professional manner.
N. Wali, Toronto

Technician was very knowledgeable and helpful. We were more than satisfied!
A. Fandhi, Markham

Great technician. Prompt! Kyle is the only technician that takes his shoes off on his own without someone asking!
C. Fois, Toronto

Very efficient, professional & courteous service.
R. Grundy, Toronto

Thanks so much! Super service!
E. England

Appreciate the appointment being made at such short notice. Thanks, Liza and Allan.
D. Deff, Toronto

Great job.
E. Goodman, Toronto

Great work in the midst of a move.
M. MacNeill, Woodbridge

Everything was fine. Thanks.
R. Rao, Toronto

Nice technician. Answered all my questions.
S. Peasgood, Toronto

Kyle is very knowledgeable. He explained the process in detail and made us feel comfortable in what he was doing. I would certainly recommend your services.
J. Vida, Toronto

Allan is a hard working pleasant fellow.
S. Hibovsley, Markham

Technician very helpful. Did a great job!
F. Lozinski, Toronto

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