Good Service Is Good Business

Yes good service is good business

Here’s an interesting and very true quote that we’d like to share. “Good Service Is Good Business” – Siebel Ad.

This one hits close to home for us because its something that we’ve always been aware of. We have not only been aware of this fact but we’ve lived it and have practiced it always since we first opened the doors at City Duct Cleaning back in 1987.

Providing excellent service is something that we strive to do for all our customers. We know that the customer experience begins with their first phone call. We have knowledgeable office staff who are available to answer almost all of your questions related to our services. Our office staff are very polite and are extremely helpful but they are not duct cleaning technicians.
So if you ask some very technical question on the phone that they do not know, they’ll tell you straight up that they do not know, and will then most definitely find out for you and call you back promptly with the answer.

We are very upfront about our pricing, our methods and our services. All you have to do is ask. And if there was something that you forgot to ask, we’d probably tell you anyway if it is relevant to your request.

That’s where our good service begins but it definitely does not end there. Once an appointment has been made, we will keep in touch with you and once we are on site, that’s when the customer gets to see what we can really do.

We provide a number of additional services besides air duct cleaning. We also do related things such as dryer duct cleaning, air balancing, duct repair and furnace and duct installations and we are quite excellent at solving calls such as no heating in certain rooms or areas of your home. We’ve saved several people even the cost of a service call by solving such problems over the phone free of charge.

The owners of City Duct were in the heating industry before starting this company. They alone have about 75 years of combined experience, so there is very, very rarely any heating or duct-related issue that they can not solve. And if something were to come up? We personally know dozens of the best heating contractors in the city, and they are always available to us for consultation by phone or in person if we request it. So getting answers is not that hard.

We are always keeping an eye on our customer experience and will sometimes provide a quality questionaire that we might ask you to fill out. The feedback that we have received from this simple form during the last 25 years has helped us fine tune our procedures very nicely. We are always listening to our customers and this has helped us grow tremendously over the years.

If you need air duct cleaning services in your home or place of work, give us a call. You’ll like the way we do business.

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