Furnace Maintenance Tips for Winter Preparation

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Although summer is still in full force, winter is just around the corner. Before temperatures start to drop, take time to prepare your furnace with a few easy-to-follow maintenance tips. That way, you will have no unpleasant surprise in the way of no heat. Once winter hits, you want the assurance that your heating system will kick on, providing a safe and efficient operation. Thanks to one of the top companies in Canada that provides duct cleaning services, you will know exactly what to do.

  • Scheduled Cleaning – The first and most important thing is to schedule a cleaning with a licensed company that handles HVAC systems and air duct cleaning in Toronto. Keep in mind that the closer winter is, the busier the top businesses are, which is why you want to schedule a cleaning around the first to last week of September. In the long run, this type of maintenance will save you a lot of money.
  • Filter Change – It is also important that you install a new furnace filter. Although this is something you should do every two months, it is crucial that you replace the old filter at the start of winter. That way, air can pass through easily, thereby ensuring the efficiency of the unit.
  • Switch the Thermostat – While this might sound like a given, according to one of the most trusted companies for air duct cleaning services in Toronto, many people call in for service only for the technician to discover the home or business owner forgot to switch the thermostat from cooling to heating.
  • Clean Burners – Typically, this is something that a professional technician does as part of scheduled maintenance. However, at any time during the winter, especially at the beginning, if you notice dust or debris on the burners, they need cleaning. Depending on the severity, you might be able to wipe them off. Otherwise, contact a company that offers furnace and air duct cleaning in Toronto.
  • Furnace Blower Motor – Again, during maintenance, a qualified technician will ensure that all components of your furnace function properly. Because of the critical role the blower motor plays, your technician will likely oil it. Usually, this is something required at least once a year.
  • Heating Vents – Finally, make sure you uncover or open all the heating vents in your home or business. That way, warm air can freely flow throughout the structure, keeping everyone inside cozy during the winter months.

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