Dust – How Does It Contaminate Your Home?

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Clean Air Dust is sneaky. Without even looking for it, it forms so you can see it. Dust is everywhere, and it is unavoidable. We allow dust to freely enter our homes on a day to day basis. Having windows open, opening doors to go in and outside, sneezing, animals, walking across carpeting, unrolling paper towels or toilet paper, folding laundry, shaking mats or scratching our skin all creates day to day dust.

Your duct system recycles this contaminated air throughout your home every day all day. How does this affect you?  When these contaminants find a hiding place in/on any of your furnace components such as filters, fans, fan compartments, heat exchangers, and air conditioning coils, they make your furnace tired. Just like when you go for a hike with only the stuff that you’re wearing, then your friend asks you to carry their backpack too, more weight, less movement.  When this happens to your system it causes it to work harder and run continuously which in turn is costing you much more in energy costs. As if that is not enough in itself, the fan in your furnace is now blowing all this extra dust around your home.

Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of dust entirely, but there is a way you can gain control over the amount of dust and that is by properly cleaning out your air ducts. You are cleaning out the systems that allow all air to pass through your home and thus cutting down on the air borne pollutants that are invading your home.

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