Rip-Off Duct Company Gets Shut Down

Here’s an interesting story about a company in Boston who advertised air duct cleaning services and then once in the customers’ homes, proceeded to rip them off by using high pressure sales tactics to upsell additional services and products that were not even delivered.

The story says that people were sold electrostatic air filters and ultraviolet light air purification systems, which in themselves are good things, however, the company somehow pressured people to prepay for these items and additional services that they would not receive.

The company has been ordered to pay restitution. Part of the agreement states that should the company, which ceased business operations in August 2008, re-open, they would be required to change their business practices to ensure future consumers are provided with open and honest communication and that merchandise will only be paid for after delivery. Why would anyone expect anything less?

My guess is they’ll be back, working under a different company name. We’ve seen the same type of thing happen here in the Toronto area.

If you see an ad or get offered an air duct cleaning for your home that you know is priced well below market value, you can bet that there will either be extra charges or poor workmanship or both. At least that’s one thing they can guarantee you. So why waste your time and your money? This applies to any type of service, not just duct cleaning.

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