Duct Cleaning Tools – The Predator Whip

Predator whip

Whether we’re cleaning air duct systems in a home or a commercial building, We’ve always got several duct cleaning tools at our disposal. Which ones we do use depends on the specific job.

You’ve likely heard of a skipper ball or an air snake, and this is a common air tool that we always use in every case. But there are several kinds of skipper balls too… spinning ones, forward-blowing balls and reverse-blowing skipper balls. These should be common tools for most air duct cleaners.

Besides the skipper balls, there are also scorpion and predator air whips available as well. These are attached to a high pressure air line as well, and once they are inserted into your ductwork they whip around violently while removing all of the built-up dirt from all of the interior surfaces of a duct.

These special tools whip the dirt off the top, bottom and sides while it is inside the duct, but this excellent tool does not actually blow the dirt back towards the suction. It is only a matter of switching tools and then using our skipper to easily get all the loosened dirt back towards our suction hose.

We (the owners of City Duct) have been in the duct cleaning industry each for 30 and 27 years respectively now, and the scorpion and predator air whips came about because of our very own recommendations. We didn’t make these things ourselves, but merely gave our specifications to someone who did, and they did such an amazing job on it that these tools are now almost standard equipment in any real duct cleaner’s tool pouch.

At City Duct Cleaning Inc. we have the expertise to easily handle all of these tools. In fact, we make it look pretty easy.

If you require air duct cleaning for your Toronto area home or office, please give us a call. We would be happy to serve you. We can clean any HVAC system and we are the problem solvers.

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