Duct Cleaning Scam on Video

Duct cleaning scam on video

This short video from Channel 2 News in New York talks about a duct cleaning scam where the company advertises a “whole house special” for only $88.00. I’m sure you’ve seen similar “Whole House Duct Cleaning Special” signs posted all over the streets of the GTA during the spring and the fall.

I’ve personally noticed these signs in dozens and dozens of neighborhoods, and attached to light poles at main intersections throughout the city… it’s amazing how these guys seem to get their signs out all at once and cover such a huge area. I often wonder if they get complaints sometimes about this. Surely, they must.

But what is more important is the quality of the job that gets done vs. the advertised price. There is no way you can get a quality air duct cleaning job done for that little amount of money these days. There is fine print of course, but there’s no room to put that on their signs. Once they do get into your home to do the job, then you find out that there are all kinds of extra charges, and we’ve seen invoices for typical homes add up to well over $400 on several occasions.

We often get calls from people asking if it is normal to be charged $125.00 extra to clean the furnace fan, or should they pay an extra $95.00 to clean their air conditioning coil.


That scam must be working pretty good for some people because we’ve seen it here in the Toronto area for years, and now it’s being reported also in Western New York as well. What also bothers me about this video is the equipment that the “contractor” uses to “clean” the people’s duct system. That just goes to show you that when you are selecting someone to clean your air duct system, it is very important to find out what type of equipment they use and what is and is not included in the cost of the job.

At City Duct Cleaning Inc. we are well-known for giving straight answers to all your questions and for doing an honest, excellent job. And of course, all of our work is fully guaranteed.

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