Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill

Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill

City Duct Cleaning has been serving the Richmond Hill area since its inception in 1987.

We have cleaned the air duct systems in thousands of brand new homes just prior to the closing dates. We are a leader in what we call “builder jobs”, and we have worked for most of the larger builders in the area.

There has been alot of new home building going on in the Richmond Hill area, especially since about 1990. As more and more people are becoming aware of air duct cleaning, many builders are now including our services as part of the new home package.

We have cleaned the ducts in many new sub-divisions, and you’d be surprised at how much construction debris that we actually remove prior to the home owner’s possession of their new home.

City Duct cleans ductwork in homes new and old in Richmond Hill, and in businesses from small two-person offices to very large factories and government facilities. We are your air duct cleaning professionals.

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