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20mmx duct cleaning reviews

For many years we’ve had a quality questionaire that we ask our residential air duct cleaning customers to fill out while we are in their home, and we’ve gotten a near-perfect rating. Most of our customers say they were quite happy with our service, rated it highly, and said they would use us again.

We are always interested in reading the comments on that form too, whether they are good or bad. Every honest review that we get from a customer is another opportunity for us to improve our service.

We’ve been doing such excellent work for so many years now that our percentage of repeat business is quite high. That number is over 60% now, which I am sure is one of the highest in the industry.

Here are some recent duct cleaning reviews about City Duct Cleaning that people have posted online:

By george – Feb 8, 2010

We had City Duct Cleaning here to clean the furnace and ducts in our 3600 square foot home and they did an excellent job. They did everything they said they would on the phone and more. They even fixed and cleaned our electronic air cleaner as part of the job. It took 2 guys over 2 hours to do it, but what an excellent show. My wife and I were both very impressed. Thanks Glenn and John, what an excellent team.

EXCELLENT SERVICE February 6, 2010

I found City Duct on Google and contacted them for a duct cle aning. They were very helpful on the phone and very thorough when they came to clean my ducts. They also cleaned my dryer vent and I could not believe all the lint that came out of the it.
Excellent service! I highly recommend it.

EXCELLENT SERVICE February 6, 2010

We checked around very thoroughly and chose City Duct Cleaning to clean the ducts in our house. We chose them because they have all those awards and the lady on the phone was quite helpful and explained everything precisely.

When they arrived, they did an impressive job and they were careful not to leave any mess behind. They even fixed my humidifier for no charge and adjusted some of the dampers in my ducts. The airflow is much better now.

Thanks for everything City Duct. You will always be highly recommended.

Gleen & John were exceptional
Ben in Little Italy
RE: dryer duct installation and furnace repair.

Our dryer wasn’t venting outdoors and house wasn’t maintaining temperature. They fixed both jobs (furnace vents were faulty and new thermostat was required and they installed new dryer duct) in a couple of hours. They cleaned up after and everything is both working and looking great. Thanks guys!

ducts done right
Lisa in Leslieville – Feb 02, 2010
duct cleaning Having just moved into a home this summer that, shall we say, wasn’t loved the way it should have been – or cleaned the way it should have been – by the previous owners, we HAD to have the ducts cleaned before we turned the heating on. We were literally afraid of what was lurking in the ducts. City Duct Cleaning came, explained all the options and even made sure we knew about their on-line coupon, saving us $25 that we didn’t know about! They had a lot of great input for us and suggestions to improve circulation and heating efficiency and though they suggested they may need to treat our ducts and had explained the expense – something we were willing to do if needed- they ended up telling us the procedure wasn’t necessary when they could have easily done it and taken our money for it with us being none the wiser. This type of honesty always impresses me and speaks volumes about the professionalism of a company. I would highly recommend them.

Exceptional John from City Duct
Nelson from Scarborough
Re: Attic insulation removal.

I recently had a raccoon problem in the attic, and needed a company to remove the contaminated insulation. None of the wildlife companies provided this service. I then found City Duct Cleaning. They were very puntual, they did an extremely thorough job without rushing, and were very professional. I would highly recommend this company to anyone experiencing a similar situation.

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