Dryer Duct Cleaning Special

100mmx dryer duct special

We’ve got a special ending this month for Dryer Exhaust duct cleaning where you can save 10% for a limited time.

Dryer duct cleaning will improve the safety of your dryer venting system and will help save you money on your energy bills.

If you’ve noticed that your clothes dryer is taking longer than usual to do its job, or if it requires two or more cycles to dry one load then you definitely need this.

Please call our office for a free estimate or to arrange a convenient appointment.

Visit our dryer duct cleaning page for more information.

Update on November 3, 2014…

We will honor this special once again until the end of the month.

Dryer duct cleaning is an excellent investment and will save you money and keep your home safer.

Take a look at these typical dryer venting systems that we have previously cleaned…


Flexible dryer exhaust duct connector. If you have one like this, replace it!


Main dryer exhaust duct in a retirement home. This is 6-8 weeks worth of lint build-up.

Dryer lint is highly flammable. Every one we know who has ever had a dryer duct fire before, now has this service done religiously. And for plenty good reason! Cleaning this out is money well spent!

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